Personal Learning Environment

This was not easy to organize and it seems way too simple given how busy I feel. I guess trying to do my job, take two courses, learn French, and be a dad can get a little busy. I enjoyed meeting everyone and hope to see you again. Hopefully, clicking on the link below will open it for you. Somebody…please let me know if it doesn’t open.





3 thoughts on “Personal Learning Environment

  1. Hey Mike. I didn’t think about this, but on your PLE, I appreciated that you included in your personal section, the authors that you like/ want to read and ways to increase your French proficiency. All of these PLEs are interesting because everyone has different interests, so it’s fascinating to see them. Anyhow, I definitely understand how you feel with such a busy schedule! Luckily, even though I enjoyed this class, classes are coming to an end, so life should slow down a bit lol


  2. Hi Mike,

    You have created an excellent PLE!! I was able to access the link. I enjoyed having class with and all of the great information that you provided. I do understand the busy schedule. Have a Great Summer!!



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